Area41 Conference 2022
Third time lucky

We are delighted to announce the dates for the Area41 conference 2022.
After long discussions with our venue provider and the committee we have decided to conduct it June 16.-17. 2022.

About Area41 Conference

Established in 2010 under the original name hashdays, Area41 is Switzerland's most well-known technical information security conference. Every two years, international speakers present cutting-edge research from a variety of fields, ranging from software vulnerabilities and malware research to threat hunting and offensive security practices. Area41 attracts a diverse crowd of information security professionals, technical managers, as well as students and enthusiasts interested in the field.

Content First
Content first

Area41 actively curates a lineup consisting of international speakers as well as promising rising stars. Our talk selection focuses on content first. Our speakers, while compensated for their travel expenses, choose to share their knowledge without further compensation.
Our YouTube channel is here.

Small By Choice
Small by Choice

Since our first sold out event in 2016, we have chosen to cap Area41 at a 400 attendees maximum to ensure that the atmosphere and the ability to connect with other attendees and speakers alike remains intact. Get your tickets early or you might end up on the waitlist.


Since 2010, Area41 is a community-driven, non-profit event by the Swiss DEF CON group chapter DC4131. It is made possible by the countless hours of volunteers and the sponsors believing in our platform to make great technical content available to everyone.

Latest News


Posted on May 2nd, 2022

Next tickets will go on sale...

... on Sunday May 8th at 18:00 CEST
get them here:


Posted on Apr 24th, 2022

Tickets on sale soon

The Call For Paper (CFP) has been closed - we are currently reaching out to the speakers to fill the agenda.
Ticket sale will open Friday 29th April @ 19:00 CET (first wave, second wave follows in a few weeks


Posted on Feb 19th, 2022

Call For Papers

The Call For Paper (CFP) is now open. We are looking for technical talks in English.

More details and submission page can be found at

Our Speakers

Over the years, we had the pleasure to host many great speakers from all over the world. For the 2022 edition, we strive to live up to the expectations we established in previous years by presenting you with the best line up we can muster. The Call for Paper is currently closed, and will open in early 2022. Watch for announcement on this page as well as on the regular channels such as Twitter @A41CON.

Desiree Sacher-Boldewin
Topic: "The Intelligent Process Lifecycle of Cyber Defenders - The Extended Version"
Tobias Ospelt
Topic: "Improving web application scanning"
Philipp Mao
Topic: "No Passwords more Problems"
Dagmawi Mulugeta
Topic: "Command and Control Freak: Cloud Edition"
Dr. Florian Egloff
Topic: "Pirates, privateers, and mercantile companies in cybersecurity"
Dobin Rutishauser
Topic: "Develop your own RAT - EDR + AV defense"
Tamas Jos
Topic: "Hacking from the browser"
Frank Boldewin
Topic: "Subverting ProBase security for fun and profit - A sophisticated ATM blackboxing case"


A note from the organizers:

Since we started Area41, and before it hashdays, pricing has always been a controversial topic. So we feel like we should address it upfront this year. On one hand, our prices have always been significantly below what so-called "professional" conferences charge for their tickets. On the other hand, we cannot make Area41 a free event. Why? Even though our entire staff, including ourselves, volunteers their time to put into this event, it is extremely expensive to put up an event like this in the heart of Zurich, famously one of the most expensive cities in the world. We compensate our speaker's travel expenses and we provide two lunches and a dinner, as well as beverages for our attendees. And even like that, we could never cover the costs without our sponsors.

By buying a ticket, no matter which one, you are helping to cover costs, we personally won't have any financial gain from it. Once again: This is a non-profit event. If you cannot afford a ticket, consider volunteering some of your time helping out at the event. It's an excellent opportunity to meet new people, see some talks, and gain some insight into running a security conference.

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CHF 300

  • Everything
  • No additional costs

CHF 60

  • Everything
  • No additional costs

CHF 500

  • Everything
  • Our gratitude
  • No additional costs
* Valid student ID required for entry. Limited supply.

Conference Schedule

Based on last edition's feedback, we have consolidated the presentation track to a single track. In addition, we will provide a variety of workshops and networking opportunities to enable attendees to make optimal use of their time while at Area41.

The schedule is tentative and subject to change. It will be finalized in the week leading up to the event.


Conference Venue

We are proud to present Kaufleuten as our 2022 conference location partner.

Situated in the heart of Zurich, Kaufleuten is a place full of culture with a history reaching back over 100 years. Over this period of time, it hosted Amy Winehouse, Madonna, James Morrison, and many other illustrious people. In 2020 it will provide a platform for some of the important voices of information security

Pelikanpl. 18, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland


The Kaufleuten is located in the heart of Zurich, just minutes away from Zurich Main Station HB, which can be easily reached by train when arriving from Zurich Airport (ZRH). We recommend using public transport since parking is sparse and expensive.
Nearest Parking is Talgarten 39.-/day
Nearest tram stations are:

  • Sihlstrasse (Tram 2,9)
  • Rennweg (Tram 6,7,10,11,13,17)
  • Paradeplatz (Tram 2,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,17)

Nearby Hotels

There are many hotels in Zurich. For example the following hotels are nearby:



Our Sponsors

We could not dream of putting on an event like Area41 without our generous sponsors, some of which have been with us for the past decade. If you are interested in supporting Area41 2022, please get in touch ( to receive our current sponsorship opportunities.
We are thankful for our 2022 sponsors and their trust in us!


  • Compass Security


  • terreActive
  • SEC Consult
  • Checkpoint

  • oneconsult
  • Synack
  • netskope

  • xorlab
  • Swisscom


  • RedGuard
  • Protect7

  • AV-Test
  • Acronis


  • partner
  • partner
  • partner


Check out previous year's keynote by Costin Raiu