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The premier technical security conference in Switzerland organized by DEFCON Switzerland.
The last Area41 conference was held held June 10.-11.2016 in Zurich

The Area41 2016 conference is over

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In 2014 we conducted the first Area41 conference with more than 350 participants. The conference is a direct successor to the hashdays conference, but obviously, there were a couple of changes.

First of all, we changed our location and we will now run the conference in the heart of Zurich, which makes it very easy for our international guests to join us quickly and without hassle. After we sold out hashdays in 2012, we were looking for a location that can provide the cozy comfort of the Radisson Blu in Lucerne, but provide more space and opportunities for our guests. Our new location, the Komplex 457, fulfils all these requirements and more. We will be able to host more guests at a better price and we have great options for accommodation nearby.

Secondly and more prominently, we are retiring the name hashdays. While we are very, very (!) enthusiastic about our new location and looking forward to take things to a new level, we feel that hashdays belonged to Lucerne and to the specific atmosphere we created there. We will keep the hashdays brand alive by continuing to provide all archived materials, such as videos, presentations and notes available, but we decided to name our Zurich conference Area41, a name that represents our close association to DC4131, the local Swiss DEFCON group. It should also make things a little bit easier for all of you who got funny questions about the word 'hash' on your expense report...

At this point, that's about it. Please feel free to ask questions on Twitter or via E-Mail.

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